Flooring is among the most predominant features within the home improvement and renovation sector. It adds aesthetic value to a space and significantly contributes to its functionality and comfort. However, the thrill of picking the perfect kind of material and designs for flooring can overshadow the crucial importance of subfloor preparation. At AJ Prince Flooring, known for our excellence in flooring, we recognize subfloor preparation as the foundation of solid work.

Understanding Subfloor Preparation

Subfloor preparation involves careful assessment and treatment of the underlying surface before laying the new floor covering. This step prepares the base for a smooth, level, and durable foundation that ensures the longevity and serviceability of the selected floor type.

Assessment: The Initial Step

A thorough review of the existing subfloor condition is essential before any flooring project begins. At AJ Prince Flooring, we examine the existing surface for problems such as dips, bumps, cracks, and moisture. Early identification of these issues allows us to address them effectively, preventing potential problems down the line.

Moisture Mitigation: Combating Potential Threats

Moisture is one of the greatest adversaries to flooring integrity. Unchecked moisture can cause warping, buckling, and mold growth, compromising the entire flooring system’s structure. At AJ Prince Flooring, we use the best techniques in moisture testing and provide the right barriers and sealants to minimize the risk, ensuring the stability and dryness of the subfloor.

Leveling and Smoothing: The Pursuit of Perfection

A level and smooth subfloor is crucial for a flawless installation. Our experienced, proficient technicians use high-quality materials and specialized tools to flatten irregular surfaces and smooth out imperfections, creating a perfect base for the new flooring material.

Surface Preparation: Ensuring Adhesive Adhesion

Proper surface preparation is necessary to afford optimum conditions for the best possible adhesion of the adhesive to the subfloor and the new flooring material. Our team ensures careful cleaning and priming of the surface of the subfloor to get rid of various sorts of contaminants or residues that prevent a bond from forming. This careful approach guarantees the most possible results and wear from the flooring installed.

Benefits of Proper Subfloor Preparation

Proper preparation of the subfloor is very important. It involves putting in time and effort at this crucial stage of the flooring installation process and yields a world of benefits:

Improved Durability: Proper subfloor preparation provides a stable foundation for the flooring material, thereby limiting premature wear and damage.

Better Aesthetics: A smooth, level subfloor ensures a uniform and consistent appearance of the finished floor, improving the overall aesthetics.

Longevity: Proper subfloor preparation ensures the flooring lasts longer, reducing costly expenses from repairs or replacements in the future.

Better Performance: A well-prepared subfloor optimizes the performance of the flooring material, ensuring it performs as expected under various conditions.


When it comes to AJ Prince Flooring, we understand that subfloor preparation is not an additional part of the flooring installation process, it is actually the ground for perfection. Top priorities are attention to detail in assessment, moisture mitigation, leveling, repairs, and preparation of the surface to be able to deliver a quality floor project, beauty and durability combined, to exceed our clients’ expectations. When it comes to flooring installation, trust AJ Prince Flooring to lay the groundwork for success.